Why is the Chassis Number of Your Bike Important?
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Why is the Chassis Number of Your Bike Important?

Many people think that the number plate and the vehicle registration certificate are the only ways to identify their vehicle apart from its obvious physical details. However, this belief is entirely wrong because if your bike gets stolen, changing its appearance and removing its number plate are the easiest things to do. How would you identify your vehicle then? To tackle this issue, vehicle manufacturers print a VIN on your two–wheeler. You can also use the VIN to know the history of a second–hand bike that you wish to purchase. But what is VIN no. and how is it related to the chassis number of your bike? Let’s find out!

What is VIN number in bike?

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. It is a 17 characters long string made up of numbers and alphabets. The VIN indicates your bike’s age, registration details, recalls, insurance information, etc. The VIN of your bike is unique as there can never be another vehicle with the same number. You can find the Vehicle Identification Number in bikes, cars, and commercial vehicles.

What is chassis number in scooty?

The last six characters of your bike’s VIN are its chassis number. Many people confuse the chassis number with the engine number. However, these are two vividly different things. The chassis number is a part of your bike’s VIN, and the engine number is printed separately on your vehicle’s engine. The engine number is used to know the manufacturing details of your bike’s engine such as the engine type, its manufacturing year, etc.

More about the Vehicle Identification Number

If the last six digits of the VIN represent the chassis number, what are the remaining 11 characters for? Let’s find out:

  • World Manufacturer Identifier

    These are the first three characters of your VIN. These indicate the vehicle manufacturer and your bike’s country of origin.

  • Vehicle Descriptor Section

    Characters 4 to 9 are a part of the vehicle descriptor section. These represent the model of your vehicle, its body type, etc.

  • Vehicle Identifier Section

    The vehicle identifier section is made of characters 10 to 17. Evidently, the chassis number of your vehicle is a part of this section. The vehicle identifier section provides information about the engine, transmission, model year, and plant code.

How to find the chassis number of your bike?

Now that you know what is chassis number, lets learn how to find it:

  • Offline method

    The printing location of the VIN differs from one manufacturer to another. However, it is generally found near the vehicle’s motor or steering neck. You can also find the VIN of your bike on its RC and owner’s manual.

  • Online method

    If you cannot find the VIN of your bike offline, you can also choose to do so digitally. If you wish to find the VIN of your motorcycle through the internet, you can do the same by making use of the government’s official VAHAN website. However, this government database can only be accessed by insurance companies, banks, etc.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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