Travel Insurance for Flight Cancellation
Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Flight Cancellation

The quickest way to reach from point A to point B is through air travel. Whether it is a domestic flight or international, air travellers need to examine the importance of flight insurance. It is a security cover against emergencies which may happen during the journey. Flight insurance also provides compensation in case of faults from the airline or its staff.

Popular Choice

While flight insurance is available for both, domestic and international journeys, it is more popular in the latter scenarios. Domestic flights are of shorter duration than international flights. Even if something goes wrong, you will feel more confident in dealing with the consequences in your own country. However, if an emergency occurs in an international flight, then dealing with an international airline is best left to travel insurance companies.

Risks Covered

A flight insurance policy is dynamic in nature and covers a range of situations. From flight cancellation insurance to baggage loss to medical coverage, it encompasses a lot of risk covers within its purview. Some of these are as follows:

  • Accidents or Demise: Accidents do not discriminate and can take place anytime and anywhere. Aircraft fatalities leading to serious injuries and death happen every year. Through a travel insurance for flights, you are eligible to receive compensation as per the sum insured amount limit if you were to get injured. And in the unfortunate event of demise, your beneficiaries will receive the insured amount.

  • Loss of Baggage: Airlines take the responsibility of handling your luggage during flights. But sometimes it may happen-- especially in further transfer of baggage in international connecting flights -- that it may get lost or get damaged. Your flight insurance covers this risk and in such an event it would compensate you adequately. You can put in a claim basis all items that were lost in your baggage, subject to the sum insured limit.

  • Medical emergencies: Though flight journeys are considered one of the quickest ways to travel, it doesn’t come without drawbacks. A lot of people feel anxious during air travel, especially during take-off and landing. While there is always a provision of in-flight medical assistance, having a flight insurance ensures that any medical expenses incurred are compensated for later on by the insurance company.

  • Flight Cancellation: Air travel nowadays is commonplace, but it remains one of the expensive travel modes. Flight tickets, especially in international flights, cost a decent amount of money. If you want to cancel or postpone your travel plans, you wouldn’t want to lose the money spent on these tickets. If your reason for cancellation/postponement is legitimate and accepted by your flight insurance norms, then flight cancellation protection of your policy is activated. It means that your insurance provider will refund the ticket money back to you.

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