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    Planning a trip is a big responsibility. From tickets to accommodation, you don't want anything to go wrong. So, why risk travelling without insurance? With <a href=''>SBI General Travel insurance</a>, you are secured with comprehensive insurance wherever you go. It is especially beneficial if you are taking a trip abroad. Business trip or vacation,travel insurance premium calculator is a tool that helps you figure out how much you will need to pay for availing of SBI General Travel insurance.

    With various policies and a host of features offered, choosing travel insurance can be confusing. A travel insurance premium calculator helps to give an estimate of how much premium you would need to pay for a particular policy that suits the needs of your family. This gives you an idea of what to expect when you set to buy suitable travel insurance.

    Benefits of Travel Insurance Premium Calculator

    Using a travel insurance premium calculators quite easy. Visit the SBI General insurance website to avail this service. Keep details like your travel destination, the travel start date, and the total duration of your trip, and personal details like your name, date of birth, mobile number, and the details of anyone accompanying you during the trip. Choose policy features and select what suits you the most.

    Factors that DetermineTravel Insurance Premium

    Before you choose travel insurance, it is important to be aware of certain factors that affect the premium applied to the insurance.

    Use the online Travel Insurance Premium Calculator on SBI General insurance website. Enter all travel and personal details. Select the preferred policy and add-ons. Get the quoted premium. Finally, make the payment through your preferred options for coverage during your trip.


    SBI General Insurance has attractive add-ons and offers on travel insurance. Compare all details of the insurer, destination and duration of travel, number of travellers, etc. to make an informed decision.

    Using a travel insurance policy online calculator eliminates the need for middlemen and is a convenient option to get an estimate of your premium from anywhere. Furthermore, it is quick and paperless.

    Yes, your premium is dependent on your company. Therefore, SBI General offers family and group travel insurance to keep your friends and family safer and closer to you.