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    Health Insurance Terms Made Easy To Understand.


Health care services, facilities, and items covered under a health insurance plan are known as benefits. The insurance provider defines the covered benefits and the excluded services in the policy schedule, i.e., the insurance policy documents.


In general insurance policies, the policyholder and/or the individuals or entities (trust, corporations, etc.) named as the recipients of insurance proceeds in the insurance certificate are known as beneficiaries. Beneficiaries may be eligible for financial benefits in the event of the death of the primary policyholder.

Benefit Period

The period of time during which an insurance provider pays the benefit amount to policyholders or beneficiaries named in the insurance policy document is known as the benefit period. This clause usually appears in disability-specific health insurance policies and is sometimes called the payment period. In health insurance, the benefit period starts once the policyholder/ beneficiary is admitted into a hospital or an AYUSH centre and typically lasts for a fixed period (e.g. 45 consecutive days), per the policy terms.

Bodily injury

Any physical harm or injury a policyholder is subjected to as a result of unexpected or unforeseen visible or violent means is referred to as a bodily injury. Examples of bodily injuries include bruises, cuts, abrasions, etc.


A broker is an individual or organisation representing an insurance buyer. Such an individual provides customers with options for various general insurance policies and suggests the best one after a comparative analysis of the policyholders' needs and financial budget. Unlike insurance agents, brokers are not employed by or representatives of a particular insurance company. They are usually insurance experts who also assist with claim filing, coverage liability, etc.

Blanket Medical Expense

A Blanket Medical Expense is a type of health insurance expense covering the cost of any medical treatment (accidental or planned) without any exclusions. The only caveat is that policyholders can seek any medical treatment only up to a specific amount, as mentioned in the policy document.

Bodily Injury Liability

A Bodily Injury Liability cover is a type of health insurance coverage that covers mental injury, anguish, humiliation, shock, etc., caused due to a physical injury. Such an insurance cover also compensates beneficiaries in case of death caused due an employer's negligence.

Break in Policy

A Break in a Policy is defined as the time between the end of an existing policy's term and its extended renewal period. It is the span of time during which the policy is due for renewal, but the policyholder has not yet paid the premium to renew the policy. Typically, the break-in policy period lasts 30 days from the policy expiration date to the grace period date provided by insurers to enable policyholders to renew their policy without losing its benefits.