How to get health insurance quotes
Health Insurance

How to get health insurance quotes

Medical care is expensive, and it can derail your finances if you are not equipped with proper health insurance to back you up. Managing finances might become more challenging if the main earning member of the family is hospitalized. You can avoid all types of medical expense-related financial burden just by choosing a health insurance policy and paying annual premium. However, it’s also important to make sure that you choose the right health insurance policy. Here are some important factors to consider in order to get health insurance quotes that suit you the best:

  1. Determine the type of health insurance that’s right for you

    One of the first important steps to take when choosing health insurance is to determine the type of insurance that’s right for you. There are individual, family floater and family individual plans available. While individual plans cover a single person, family floater and family individual are best suited for the entire family. Family floater plans cover all members under the same sum insured amount, whereas in family individual, there are individual sum insured options for each family member.

  2. Are you buying the insurance just for yourself or your family too?

    Another important aspect to consider to get the right health insurance quote is to determine whether the policy will cover just you or your entire family. The sum insured and premium to be paid can vary depending on whether you choose an individual or a family plan for your health insurance needs.

    While you may think that paying a premium for family health insurance may be a hassle, it actually isn’t as everybody is covered under one single premium. Moreover, a family floater health insurance includes the flexibility to cover each family member with the total sum insured.

  3. How long do you want the insurance policy period to be? Tenure, renewals

    The tenure of the policy you choose determines not only the premium amount in the health insurance quotes, but also the period for which you will be covered under the said policy. It is better to go for a longer tenure as renewal won’t be something to worry about every year. Regardless of whether you go for a short or a long tenure, it’s always a good choice to choose an insurance policy that has hassle-free renewal processes.

  4. Will you require additional coverages?

    The additional coverages and other features that you’d want also determine the insurance quote you opt for. Including additional coverages in the insurance policy will increase the premium price in the insurance quote. But given the end-to-end protection that you will get from additional coverages, they are worth opting for.

  5. Do you currently have a health problem?

    The coverage and the sum insured of health insurance you choose can depend on your overall health. And if you or one of your family members have a pre-existing health problem, premium rates can increase in the medical insurance quotes that you get.

    No medical check-up is required upto 45 or 55 years (depending upon the product) with SBI General’s health insurance plans. Our health insurance products also include wide coverages to keep you fully protected. To get a health insurance quote from us, visit

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