How to Renew a Health Insurance Policy?
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How to Renew a Health Insurance Policy?

Health insurance policies serve as an umbrella for unforeseen medical expenses, but it is crucial to note that the coverage has a validity period, which is typically set at either one, two, or three years. If you do not renew your insurance policy within this window, you risk losing your protection. This means not only suffering unexpected medical bills without coverage, but also missing the benefits that were earned, such as waiting period benefits. On this page, let's see how to renew a health insurance policy online or offline, the benefits and key factors to consider when renewing an insurance policy.

Steps to Renew Medical Insurance Policy

The renewal of health insurance coverage is a simple process that may be completed online or offline.

Health Insurance Renewal Online Process

The online process is a simple and convenient option to renew your health insurance policy. Follow the following steps:

  • Visit your insurance provider’s official website.
  • Go to the website's health insurance renewal section.
  • Enter the registered mobile number and the previous policy number of your insurance policy.
  • Review the policy's details and the renewal premium.
  • Make your payment using Internet banking, UPI, or a debit or credit card.
Health Insurance Renewal Offline Process

If you wish to know how to renew your health insurance plan offline, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Contact your insurer well ahead of the policy's expiration date to let them know your intention of renewing offline.
  • Contact the insurance company or the nearest branch office to get a renewal form.
  • Carefully fill out the renewal form, including any documents required, such as identity verification, residence proof, and previous medical history.
  • After completing the renewal application form, continue to pay the payment. Payment options include cheques, demand drafts, and cash.
  • Submit the completed renewal form and payment to the insurance provider's office or collection centre. You can also send them by post.
Benefits of Medical Insurance Policy Renewal

Now that you've understood how to renew health insurance coverage, let's look at the benefits of timely renewal.

  1. Continued Coverage

    Timely renewal of your health insurance policy ensures continuous access to the healthcare benefits covered by your policy, shielding you against potential financial strain during health emergencies. Because if your coverage expires, your insurer will not cover your medical expenditures, and you can lose the no-claim bonus. Even if you are no longer eligible for new insurance, renewing before the expiration date is critical to maintaining medical coverage.

  2. Avoiding Higher Costs

    The renewal of your health insurance before it has expired allows you to avoid higher premiums. Letting your coverage lapse may result in higher costs.

  3. Tax Savings

    Renewing your policy can provide tax benefits under the provisions of section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961.

  4. Balancing Age-Related Costs

    Obtaining health insurance at an early age can often result in reduced premiums. Letting your current insurance plan lapse may result in getting a new one at an increased expense, making it a more expensive component of life.

  5. Compounded Bonus

    Some insurance companies provide cumulative bonus benefits when you renew your coverage without a gap. This bonus may result in a decrease in your premiums, an increased base sum insured, and more in the coming years.

Things to Remember While Renewing Health Insurance

Remember the following important factors while renewing your policy:

  • Pay Before Your Due Date

    To avoid a lapse in coverage, renew your policy before it becomes invalid. Some insurance has a 15–30-day grace period, although renewing well in advance of the deadline is recommended.

  • Evaluate Your Coverage

    Take this time to look at your present insurance benefits and determine whether any changes are necessary to meet your changing needs. To ensure full protection, you may need to increase your policy limits or purchase additional riders.

  • Honest Disclosure of Newly Identified Medical Conditions

    Report any newly discovered illnesses or medical problems that may have emerged throughout the policy's duration. Failure to do so may affect your premium and result in claims rejection.

  • Review The Terms and Conditions

    Before paying the renewal premium, carefully review the specifics of your medical insurance plan. Make sure there are no revisions, as they require IRDAI clearance and should be notified well in advance.

  • Notify The Family of Any Policy Changes

    Following renewal, notify your family of any policy changes, particularly your partner and children. Share policy specifics so that they have access to vital information during an emergency.

What happens when you fail to renew a health insurance policy on time?

Failing to renew your health insurance coverage before it expires, you will face serious implications. The most significant result is the discontinuation of insurance protection and all of its accompanying benefits. This means you won't be able to file claims or use essential amenities like reimbursement for medical bills or cashless hospitalisation.

In some situations, insurance providers may offer a 15 to 30-day grace period following the policy's expiration date. During this time, individuals can renew without paying fines or additional fees. However, it is vital to note that even during this grace period, you will not be covered for any healthcare costs. Renewing timely is vital to ensuring that you can keep enjoying the benefits and protection provided by your health.


Having a valid health insurance plan through prompt renewal ensures ongoing access to critical healthcare services while protecting yourself financially during medical emergencies. Remember to evaluate and compare renewal rates regularly to ensure that your coverage meets your changing demands. Use health insurance calculators to remain updated on prospective expenses and make educated choices. Taking proactive actions towards health insurance policy renewal allows you to face healthcare difficulties with more peace of mind.


Is renewal of health insurance mandatory by law?

No, it isn't mandated by law to purchase or renew your health insurance. However, having adequate health insurance coverage is strongly recommended because it provides financial support in situations of medical emergency.

Will my present health insurance plan be renewed on its own?

No, health insurance policies are not automatically renewed. You have to begin the procedure for renewing before the policy's expiration date to ensure continued coverage and benefits.

Is there a grace period with health insurance?

Usually, many insurance providers provide a 15-day grace period following the policy's expiration. Within this period, individuals can renew their health insurance plan without paying any fines.

Can I renew my health insurance online?

Yes, many health insurance companies have dedicated online portals that let you renew online.

Can You set up your health insurance coverage to auto-renew?

It is not an intelligent choice for you to set the insurance plan to auto-renew because this means you will continue with the same insurance plan. You may want to modify the insurance to reflect your shifting needs and dependents (if necessary).

Is age a crucial variable in determining increases in premiums while renewing health insurance?

Yes, age can have a significant impact on premium rises. This can happen if you reach a specified age bracket, for example, if you turned 60 years during the policy's validity period and want to renew the plan. Age would play a significant role in this case.

Can you still renew your insurance after it expires?

Yes, although it may be more difficult. Based on your health condition and the insurance provider's policies, you may be required to pay higher premium rates or penalties.

Will you lose any accumulated benefits if your policy lapses?

Yes, you may lose your accumulated bonuses and no-claim bonus if your policy lapses.

What documents should you provide to renew your health insurance policy?

The paperwork required to renew your medical insurance plan can differ based on your insurer. Typically, you will need to submit documents proving your identity, proof of residence, and any recent medical records that are applicable.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

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