Why to Buy Health Insurance and Critical Illness Policy Separately?
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Why to Buy Health Insurance and Critical Illness Policy Separately?

There is no doubt that having a health insurance plan is a must in today’s time. With the rise of lifestyle diseases, the cost of medical care is also rising. A health insurance plan provides you with a financial safety net. However, your health insurance might not cover all the life-threatening and critical diseases. The sum assured of the health insurance policy will not cover the long-term expenses that a critical illness may need. Hence it’s important to buy a health insurance policy as well as a critical illness policy.

Indeed, there is a difference between health insurance and critical illness insurance. To understand why to buy a health insurance and critical illness policy separately, keep on reading:

  1. Life-threatening diseases: A medical insurance policy will cover your hospitalization and OPD expenses. A critical illness insurance policy will cover a lump-sum amount and has nothing to do with hospitalization expenses. But it will cover all the listed critical illnesses. For critical illnesses like cancer, end-stage kidney failure, multiple sclerosis and stroke, you will need a critical illness plan. The critical illness policyholder will get a lump sum amount if the insured person is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease covered under the policy.
  2. Coverage: Another significant difference between critical illness and health insurance plans surrounds the coverage provided. The scope of coverage is different for the two types of policies. A simple medical insurance policy covers a variety of diseases as well as accidents. It may also cover pre-existing illnesses after the waiting period. However, a critical illness plan will only cover a specific list of diseases.
  3. Premium: The premium of a health insurance plan is higher than a critical illness plan. You can use your medical insurance plan multiple times and for various medical conditions. Some policies also offer reinstatement of sum insured by paying a minimal additional amount. While a critical illness plan covers only pre-determined medical conditions, a health insurance policy covers hospitalization & OPD expenses as well. Also, under critical illness policy, you can make a claim only once during the lifetime of the insured.
  4. Non-medical expenses:The coverage of non-medical expenses is the fourth and final factor of difference between health insurance and critical illness cover. A health insurance policy will only reimburse you the hospitalization expenses and there will be a limit depending upon the sum insured. A critical illness plan will give you the lump-sum amount irrespective of the hospitalization expenses. A critical illness can adversely affect your earning capacity. You can use the lump sum amount for paying off debts, managing household expenses and other non-medical expenses.
  5. Conclusion

    As is apparent, there are several crucial differences between health insurance and critical illness insurance. While buying a health insurance policy can help you meet hospitalization expenses when you fall sick or meet with an accident, a critical illness policy can help you meet the huge financial expenses that may arise out of a life-threatening and critical illness. Both the policies are designed to cater to different needs. Having the two can help you safeguard your financial future.

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