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Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Covers Directors and Officers or Their Company/Organization if Sued

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Errors and Omission Liability Insurance

Protects Companies and Their Workers against Claims of Inadequate Work or Negligent Actions

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Event Cancellation Insurance Policy

Provides Financial Compensation in Case of Event Cancellation

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Broad Form Liability

Provides Comprehensive Broad Form Liability Coverage for Business Enterprises

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Product Liability Insurance Policy

Covers Third Party Liabilities Caused by the Use of the Product Sold

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Public Liability Insurance Policy

Covers Third Party Liabilities Arising Out of the Premises and Operations of the Insured

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Clinical Trial (No Fault) Insurance

Protects Organizers of Clinical Trials against Legal Liability to Pay Compensation to a Trial Participant

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Employees Compensation Policy

Covers Liability to Pay Compensation to Employees in Case of Accidental Injuries

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Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy

Protects Businesses against Legal Liability That Involves Paying Compensation for Damages/Injuries

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Cyber Defense Insurance

Covers Risks & Liabilities Arising Out of Cybercrimes

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