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A bike insurance calculator is an online tool that helps you calculate the premium on your bike insurance. The online two-wheeler insurance calculator is a simple way to know the accurate premium amount for your vehicle. Follow a few simple steps by entering basic details such as your bike’s manufacturer and model registration, registration number and date, the city you use the bike in, and the two-wheeler insurance policy you want to go ahead with. The bike insurance premium calculator picks up all this information and runs it through its system to find the right quote for you. The two-wheeler insurance calculator further helps you in customizing this by offering various add-on covers.

Benefits of Bike Insurance Calculator

People who use this online two-wheeler insurance calculator can second us on the argument that bike insurance calculators are very handy. Let us look at some of the benefits of bike insurance calculator:

How to Use Bike Insurance Calculator?

Using an online bike insurance calculator is very simple and hassle-free. You just need to follow a few simple steps to your desired premium quote:

  • Firstly, enter the basic details of your vehicle. Mention its make and model, the registration date, and the city you use your bike in.
  • Find the ‘Quote’ option, and tap on it to choose from various suitable quotes.
  • When choosing the desired plan, you will get options whether you want a third-party two-wheeler insurance policy or a comprehensive bike insurance plan. Remember that a third-party bike insurance policy is mandatory for all vehicle-owners in India. However, buying a <a href=''>comprehensive bike insurance policy</a> will be considered a smart choice as it protects your own vehicle from unforeseeable mishaps, and also covers you in case of personal accidents.
  • In the two-wheeler policy calculator, if you have gone ahead with the standard or comprehensive bike insurance plan, you will get it to customize it by choosing from various add-on options, for example- Return to Invoice, Zero Depreciation, Engine And Gear Protection, Protection of No-claim Bonus, etc.
  • You may have to enter a few details about your pre-existing Insurance policy such as expiration date, claims, NCB, etc. Remember, to get your last insurance policy cancelled you have to show that either the RTO has dismissed your policy or that you have bought a new insurance plan for your bike.
  • Lastly, after filling in all the data as per your needs, you will find the new bike insurance calculator.

Factors that Determine Bike Insurance Premium

Bike Insurance Premiums depend upon a number of factors. That is why there are many options available when it comes to reducing these premiums:

How to Calculate Bike Insurance Premium by SBI General Insurance?

The bike insurance calculator by SBI General is a simple tool that helps in calculating insurance premiums. You can also avail a two-wheeler insurance renewal calculator, here.

Let us look at the hassle-free procedure:

  • Fill in all the basic details of your bike (registration number, RTO, registration date, car brand and its variant, specifications, etc.) in the provided space.
  • Find a bike insurance policy. Choose between comprehensive or third-party insurance.
  • Pay for the policy and instantly avail its benefits.
  • Now, using the Bike insurance calculator, choose from the various customizations available, according to your budget and requirements. The more comprehensive your bike insurance policy, the higher will be the premium.

Be cautious of the fact that all the information you have provided in the calculator is true and factually correct. Wrong information will lead to wrong results.


According to the Motor Vehicles Act, every Indian citizen is bound by Indian law to own third-party bike insurance. The person who doesn’t abide by this law shall be penalized. He / she also will be responsible to bear claim cost from own pocket. On the other hand, a comprehensive plan for your two-wheeler is optional. In this, you insure your own vehicle from untoward happenings and criminal activities. Buying both third-party and comprehensive policy is recommended as they guard your future by providing liability cover as well as own damage cover.

Voluntary excess is a small percentage of money that you pay as a part of the repairs being made in the vehicle. The rest of the percentage is covered by the insurance company. Higher the voluntary access you pay, the lesser will be your own damage premium.

The cubic capacity or cc of the vehicle is an important factor when it comes to calculating the premium. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model. Engine capacity is directly proportional to the premiums paid.